Principal Middleton
Mr. Fred Middleton

MMS Crest

Greetings MMS Students and Parents,

The rigors of middle school present challenges for students every day. The Memorial Middle School faculty and staff is committed to helping students navigate these challenges successfully. Our recipe for success requires our students to be respectful, responsible and resourceful. Treating others with respect fosters the creation of positive relationships. Developing and maintaining these relationships leads to success inside and outside of the classroom. A responsible student takes ownership of personal success academically and behaviorally. The intentional act of meeting or exceeding expectations is a key component to student success. The daily challenges of life often present new and different problems to solve. The resourceful student uses knowledge, skills, abilities, and relationships to overcome these difficulties. This agenda is a tool to aid all students in being responsible and resourceful while working toward achieving great success.

We are asking all parents to support our efforts to ensure success for all students. Please review this letter along with any additional information provided in the RCPS handbook, on the school/district website, and by the Memorial Middle School faculty and staff with your child. The middle school years are a crucial time in the growth and development of students. It is a time of great change socially, emotionally, and physically. Working together we can ensure success for all as we support and guide students in being Respectful, Responsible, and Resourceful. I am honored to have the privilege of serving the Memorial Middle School Community this year.



Fred Middleton