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Flyer for STEM Academy for Environmental Sciences at MMS Page 1 of 2. Same information listed on this page.

Flyer for STEM Academy for Environmental Sciences at MMS Page 1 of 2. Same information listed on this page.


STEM Academy for Environmental Studies at Memorial Middle School

3205 Underwood Drive, Conyers, GA 30013  •  770-922-0139  •   •  Twitter: @MemorialMS.

Program Overview

6th grade - Introduction to Environmental Science and Engineering
While this is the first time students will have a dedicated research class and rigorous lab equipment set up to allow exploration in STEM, the primary focus of student learning coincides with 6th grade Next Generation Science Standards curriculum in Earth Science with an emphasis on weather, soil/water/air quality, and engineering.

7th grade - Citizen Science & Bioengineering
This grade level focuses on environmental factors that affect health and wellness with an emphasis on agricultural and bioengineering inquiry research. Students will be required to focus on enhancing their research skills in a fifth core class dedicated to that critical writing, critical thinking and problem solving experience in order to collaborate with our partner organizations. This class coincides with the 7th grade Next Generation Science Standards curriculum in Life Science.

8th grade - STEM College and Career Readiness
This grade level focuses on preparing for high school rigor and post-secondary STEM careers. Students will be provided a choice of competitions, projects, and problems that investigate the potential for alternative and green energy sources. They will work cooperatively with peers, community members and partner organizations to complete a project with the goal of applying research skills, content knowledge and interpersonal relationship skills to produce a solution that creates a change in their community or partner organization’s mode of operation. This course coincides with 8th grade Next General Science Standards curriculum in Physical Science with an emphasis on Engineering fields of study.

Components for Student Success

Multiple opportunities to earn high school credit through a variety of learning platforms, such as virtual classes, high school certified teachers at the 8th grade level for Math and Science, and a partnership with Rockdale Career Academy.
High School Offerings: Spanish (Rockdale Virtual Campus), Coordinate Algebra, 
Accelerated Coordinate Algebra, Physical Science, Personal Fitness and Health (Rockdale Virtual Campus).
Field Trip Agreements: Fernbank Museum, The High, Elachee, Gwinnett Heritage, Rock Eagle, and more. 
Competitions/Challenges: Science Fair,  Georgia Tech InVenture, Duke TIP, Buck Institute Problem-Based Learning.
Project mentors from UGA, Georgia Tech, RMSST.
Exposure to STEM professionals (GBI, AT&T, NASA).
Math enrichment, mentoring, and after-school tutoring.
Learning with meteorologists, Phet Colorado Interactive Program, Kennesaw State Maker Bus, Georgia Tech scientists, NASA astronauts/scientists, and more.
WeatherBugTM live global data to support STEM components with emphasis on data collection utilizing weather drones and labquest Vernier probeware.
Hands on learning through Victory Gardens, two large campus gardens to cultivate STEM.
Industry partnerships with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Georgia Tech, Georgia Power, NASA.
AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) provides post-secondary readiness and organization/study skills.
Georgia Tech D2D Student Programs.
Technology Skills (Microsoft Office Suite).
Advanced Research Writing Courses.

Application, Eligibility, and Lottery

RCPS will use an electronic application process for School Choice programs.  No paper applications will be accepted.  Students may apply for one School Choice program only for each school year.

The application window opens November 16 - December 21. The online application will be available on the district website at:

The Student Registration Office at 1143 West Avenue will provide assistance to access the online application if needed, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., on a first come, first served basis.  Only complete applications will be accepted.

Eligibility Criteria
Students must meet standards in ELA, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies on the Milestones assessment. Students with strong math and science skills are encouraged to apply.
Students must meet the student registration requirement for Rockdale County Public Schools. 
Students and parents must agree to the Choice contract.

In the event there are more eligible applicants than space available, students will be selected via a random lottery drawing.  If needed, a lottery will be held in January.

A Message from the Principal

The rigors of middle school present challenges for students every day.  The Memorial Middle School faculty and staff is committed to helping students navigate these challenges successfully.  
Our recipe for success requires our students to be respectful, responsible, and resourceful.  Treating others with respect fosters the creation of positive relationships.  Developing and maintaining these relationships leads to success inside and outside of the classroom.  A responsible student takes ownership of personal success academically and behaviorally.  The intentional act of meeting or exceeding expectations is a key component to student success.  The daily challenges of life often present new and different problems to solve.  The resourceful student uses knowledge, skills, abilities, and relationships to overcome these difficulties.
The focus of the MMS STEM Academy for Environmental Studies is to expose students to the skills, knowledge, and methodology required for success in a variety of STEM focused careers.  Students accepted into the program engage in authentic learning experiences via outdoor classroom activities, research, educational field trips, STEM lab exposure, on-sight/distance learning from STEM professionals, and STEM focused extracurricular activities.  Along with increased academic rigor, the program focuses on soft skills that are critical to success in the workplace.  STEM methodology is infused in all content areas.  This early exposure will prepare students to make informed decisions regarding possible STEM pathways at the high school level.
We look forward to accepting our new group of students and working with you to ensure that the program is a benefit to your child in the Memorial Middle School Community.
We are Making Memorial Shine! One tribe… One beat

— Fred Middleton

Our students are well informed to make decisions that will help them progress in STEM in the following RCPS high school options:

Rockdale Magnet School for Science & Technology - Advanced Science Research, Engineering, Ivy League College and Career Preparation
Rockdale Career Academy - Healthcare, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Engineering . 
Rockdale Institute for Advanced Technology - Computer Programming and Gaming Design . 
Heritage High School - Computer Graphic Visual Arts, Engineering Pathway Courses . 

Recent MMS Accolades

•  3M Young Scientist State Award winner  
•  Broadcom Masters Awards at Regional Science Fair; winners eligible to apply for nationals  
•  Duke TIP state recipients and national recipient - scored 3rd in the nation in the area of English/Language Arts  
•  Numerous placings at Regional Science Fair  
•  Grand Champions at Regional Science Fair advancing to state competition  
•  DART Grant recipient  
•  Recipients of Dyson Foundation Program  
•  Recipients of Bird Brain - Finch Robotics Program  
•  Recipients of PBS Kids SciGirls-STEM Program Curriculum  
•  Recipient of Snapping Shoals EMC Grant  
•  RCPS Tech Fair Awards and Recognitions

Exploratory, Extracurricular, Additional Academic Services

4-H , 
Art Club , 
Advanced Art , 
Chorus , 
Drama Club , 
Student Council , 
Cheerleading , 
Football , 
Softball , 
Color Guard 
Anime Club 
National Junior Beta Club 
News Club 
Reading Bowl Club 
Yearbook Club 
Green Team
Recycle Rally
Math Competition Team 
100 Girls of Code 
Spelling Bee 
Young Author’s Club 
Design Squad.

Mentoring Programs
Take Charge
Individual Mentoring
Small Group Mentoring
Community Based Partners
The Journey Boys/Girls .

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