Principal Glover
Ms. Michell Glover-Green

STEM Crest

Seminole Family,

I am full of anticipation about what the new school term has in store for Memorial Middle School. Our vision of making Memorial Middle School an exemplary learning environment that supports the growth, development, and academic success of all students while preparing them for the rigors of high school and beyond will guide our work as well as our connections with each other.

The MMS Faculty and staff sees this vision and it directs our focus on instruction. Most importantly, it has been a call for strengthening instructional delivery and assessment of students. It has also been a call to refine the process for monitoring student achievement, ensuring a safe, nurturing environment, and providing rigorous learning experiences for every child. The faculty and staff of Memorial Middle School commits to the process that it will take to prepare our students for the rigors of high school and beyond. Our work, with your support and collaboration, will guide the successful preparation of every child for the next stages of life. I want our students to take pride in Memorial Middle School and prove that they know what being a Memorial `Nole means.

For students, our purpose is to give you a learning environment filled with experiences that will support your growth and development. We will do this by setting high expectations for academic achievement and behavior. Your Seminole Family will offer you a system of support to make sure that you are able to fulfill the role of a responsible and respectful young adult, ready to learn and ready for the future. As your principal, I will encourage and drive you to meet every goal set for you. I will need you to share in the daily responsibility for your success. This will make sure that all of your peers will have a great middle school experience.

This year will have memorable moments that will equip our students, challenge their minds, and push us to new limits to make Memorial Middle School an educational environment worthy of success, worthy of recognition. Please make a point to become involved in the many opportunities for us to work in partnership as a school community.

Every day is a great day to be a Memorial Seminole!!

Ms. Michell N. Glover

Seminoles Stand Tall: worthy of success…worthy of recognition