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Technology Teacher of the Year

I am a mathematics teacher at Memorial Middle School. I have taught mathematics for 9 years, with the 19 – 20 school year being my fourth year at Memorial Middle School.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education from the University of Georgia.

Here in Rockdale County we have embraced the concept of “Learning Reimagined” and adopted a one-to-one approach. That is every student (3rd grade and up) receives a device to access digital learning resources. I believe this is of great benefit to our students, as using technology every day is a part of our students lives. Therefore, we ought to teach them how to use it appropriately to better themselves.

I attempt to do this in my classroom almost everyday by showing students how to access educational videos, articles and websites on which they can practice there math skills, while helping them understand that things like YouTube, Spotify,  Instagram and Snapchat can be fine if they use them carefully, safely, and at appropriate times and places.

When I’m away from the school I spend my time with my family, watching sporting events on TV, cooking and playing computer strategy games.

I was honored to be selected as the Outstanding Technology Teacher of the Year and look forward to continuing to implement new technology in the classroom this school year.